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No Comedians, No Gimmicks! Just good old fashioned estate agency.
Celebrating its 11th anniversary this year Linda Saunders Estate Agents is a fiercly independent estate agency based in Bridgwater town centre. Linda herself has over 30 years experience of selling houses mostly in and around the Bridgwater area. Linda has worked for many of the large corporate estate agent chains in the town and has built up an unrivalled reputation with many loyal clients seeking her out time and time again. Linda believes that "going it alone" has provided her with greater opportunities to surpass client's expectations and allow her to provide a service tailored to individual needs.
Linda Saunders Estate Agents specialises in residential estate agency and residential lettings and property management. With combined estate agency experience exceeding 40 years you can be sure that your greatest assets are in safe hands.
As Linda puts it, "For my business to prosper one should not lose sight of the founding principals of good estate agency. These are to always remember who your client is and act in their very best interests at all times even if it means we don't earn a fee. I pride myself in providing a personal service for our clients, going that extra mile and at the same time being professional, efficient, punctual and polite."
I look forward to you becoming a valued customer too.



Traditionally, when people wanted to sell their property they went to an agent in the High Street and instructed them on a 'no sale- no fee' basis. For most people this has worked well for many decades with the agent taking the 'risk' in that if they didn't manage to sell the property they were effectively out of pocket. With the advent of the internet over the past 10 years there has been much talk about the 'online' agent; someone who would advertise your property on a website for a lower upfront fee. They would rarely meet you or visit your property and in fact could be sat behind a desk in Outer Mongolia. With lower overheads the theory is that they would charge a much lower commission. The reality is that this impersonal service still has not been embraced by the public in the UK and in my view it is unlikely to be. The process of buying and selling is far more complicated than most people think and therefore having their hand held throughout the process is something that only a local High Street agent can really offer. That's not to say that there isn't room for an alternative to the traditional model! At LSEA we are always looking for ways to provide what customers want as we recognise that the 'one size fits all' model doesn't work for everyone. Therefore we are able to offer our clients two distinct models to choose from with our 'Lite' model perhaps bridging the gap between the traditional and the online propositions. Please read on.




This is the same great proposition that we have been offering for 10 years now. It is 'no sale - no fee' service where you enjoy the full benefits and full services of an experienced High Street estate agent.


LSEA LITE SERVICE - A bit like an online agent, only better!


For those who would like to enjoy a lower fee we can offer the Linda Saunders 'Lite' Service. For just a £650 upfront fee we will do many of the things that we would usually do but with a few exceptions. The good news is that you can upgrade to the 'traditional' service at any time. Call us to discuss.

Linda Saunders Estate Agents are pleased to be sponsoring its own cycle racing team, Linda Saunders Estate Agents CRT. "We are pleased to be involved with this exciting and colourful sport." says Linda. Co-sponsors of the team are Notaro Windows, National Ventilation and KALAS Sportswear.

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